Design / Build Services

Commercial General Contractor providing design build services for office buildings, retail shops, medical clinics and commercial businesses.

Our pre-construction design services assist you in transforming thoughts and ideas about your building into a written design plan with estimated costs and project build schedule.

Conceptual design plans can be as simple as a dimensioned sketch created by our project team for your review or as detailed as drawings and specifications provided by professional architects and engineers submitted for approval. Our team will assist you in determining the level of design required for your construction or renovation project.

When the design is finalized and approved we calculate the cost for construction, engaging qualified commercial trade contractors to provide bid proposals and utilizing historical cost data from similar projects.

Our formal cost proposals are written in a format that is easy to understand and clearly identifies the scope of work by trade and quantities included.

A base line schedule of the project durations is provided as part of the pre-construction services to assist you in planning your business operations and expenditures during the construction phase.

Construction Permits from the local municipality may be required prior to starting work on the building. Submitting the design plans to the city, processing the required documents and acquiring the building permit is included in the Finish Out design build construction service.