New Build

Design Phase

At the beginning of your commercial construction project, every decision made is crucial to maximizing your investment. You have a vision for what you want your project to be and the results you want to achieve when it’s complete. When a team you trust is on board during these early days, your project is set up for success.

Our integrated and collaborative approach to Design Phase/Pre-construction Services is part of our commitment to quality and designed to make your journey from pre-construction through project completion and beyond a truly exceptional experience.

Construction Phase

On any construction project there can be a variety of moving parts and pieces. Budget and schedule details, evolving design, changing building models, and even owner stakeholders may all be shifting as the process unfolds. This is where a commercial building contractor with hands-on building experience, technical know-how, strong trade partner relationships and a knack for looking at things a little differently all come into play.

Next, we integrate sophisticated technology with our long history as a successful, national self-performing commercial general contractor. This means we’re not just a “broker” of subcontractors we’re a commercial building contractor capable of performing the most critical work to keep your project on schedule and set quality standards. You can count on us to really understand what’s ahead and dig in to develop innovative solutions in an open way.

Post Construction Phase

To provide you with a smooth post-construction experience, the team must identify and resolve potential issues well before doors open. We start off every project planning for quality, so the focus is on building it right the first time. Since we’ve embedded quality activities into every step along the way, we’re able to eliminate surprises, plan for an effective turnover to your facilities team, and make sure you’re not bothered with annoying nuisance issues that can take time and additional dollars to take care of. Our goal is to have ZERO punch-list items on that final walkthrough of your project.